Monday, March 23, 2009

Present in the year of 2009

We have just past our 7th Valentines’ Day. A lot of friend told me, is very unbelievable that we still have Valentines’ Day present after 7th years. So, what should I say… I think I’m still the lucky one, as we been together more than 7 years, but we celebrate every Valentines’ Day ~ no miss!

This time, My ideal present for my Mr. Slim is a WATCH! For a guy like him ~ an interior designer, he always have to work like “RUSH HOUR”, guess a nice and good watch is very important for him to be a designer. Haha ~

I was having big headache few days before the Valentines’. I actually decided to get my Mr. Slim a watch, but I didn’t actually know what kind of watch he likes. Too plan and too messy, he doesn’t like, too big and too thick, not suitable. Too fancy and too complicated, he won’t wear… huh ~

Day before the Valentines’ Day, I have finally make my decision with getting a silver bracelet and simple internal fittings design Seiko watch for him. Unexpected… he likes it very much, not too heavy, not too fancy, not too big and JUST NICE!

Guess what… my Mr. Slim gave me a big surprise this year! He came down from the car with a white plastic bag, that was a bottle of white wine ~ lovely! And also another black plastic bag which I thought it was from a Hardware Shop. Out of my expectation, there was a black color box inside the plastic bag, and with the pictures on the box, obviously I never expect he bought me a set of Knives (ZWILLING J.A.HENCKLES - Twin Pollux)
as my Valentines’ Day present! Gosssh… professional and expensive!

No Doubt, I love to cook, and Twin Pollux knives set is purposely made for Asian Kitchen – for my Bigfish Cook Book!


Rose said...

Hi there! How is life?

Look like you are enjoying the every moment of it! :) Nice presents. Happy cooking.

bigfish_chin said...

Hi Rose,
Yea~ much likely i'm trying to enjoy every moment everyday... thank for dropping by here! :)

kampungboycitygal said...

whoa mr slim is such a romantic man..hope gobo is fantastic!

~Christine~Leng said...

Can't wait for more of your recipes! :) and great gifts from Mr.Slim! ^^

bigfish_chin said...

Gobo is fantastic!

yea... going to start my bigfish cook book again!