Sunday, February 17, 2008

Home For Year of RAT

Back Home to ~ Land Below The Wind – SABAH

Let me share with you on my Chinese New Year ‘08 trip back home in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.
During this trip, I planned to have tons of mom’s recipes for my blog’s update. But I was struggling to keep up with the preparation of the dishes, and worse of all, I totally forgotten to take photos as I was overcome by the aromatic and mouth watering dishes. All I know
during that period of time was to eat when it was freshly served!

Well, at least I manage to take some priceless sceneries and fresh seafood which I really love. .

Mt. Kinabalu
It is world famous mountain and the tallest in South East Asia.
It is about 2.5 hrs drive from Kota Kinabalu city. Throughout the journey, it’s all paddy field countryside.




Tanjung Aru Beach
Panda and I went to the famous Tanjung Aru Beach in K.K (Kota Kinabalu). Weather was hot… Panda wanted to go for Cool Drink.

Don’t surprise if you hear beer in Sabah is cheap and unbelievable! No doubt… we order a big bottle of Heineken. The waitress told us RM24 a bottle and she persuaded us to get another bottle because they charge only RM25 for 2 bottles. Unbelievable right!

It is only 10 min away from my house. Sitting outside the Bar… holding a glass of beer in the evening and looking at people playing water ski. I bet we will never find this scene in the City of K.L.

~ RM24 (1 bottle), but RM25 (2 bottles)


~ Enjoying the natural Beach … lovely sunset!
TAMU (Morning Market)
In Sabah, we call the Morning Market as TAMU, and we normally practice going to TAMU for fresh food market shopping. Fresh Vegetables, Seafood, Meat and etc… Prices are cheaper and better quality compare to those normal markets.

The best part is … BARGAIN and BARGAIN and BARGAIN!!!



Here are some Unbelievable Prices: ~

11 big prawns cost only less than RM20.
* Mom complaint, normally she only pays less than Rm15… huh…

~Look at those Prawn Roes

1kg “Sek-Pan” (Sea bass) cost only less than RM15,
1kg “7 Xing-Ban” (Grouper) cost only less than RM40.

*Mom said, price increase is because of Chinese New Year, if not she normally pay less than RM10 for 1 fish.

A bunch of crabs (8 crabs) cost only RM15.
*Dad grumble because he normally only pay RM8 for 6 fresh crabs.



A bunch of medium size Cockles cost only RM2.
Take 3 bunches cost RM5 ONLY!!!!!
* My brother said if we are willing to spend sometime to go to the seaside near the mangrove area, we can more of it for Free!!!!

Manukan Island
This island is famous in KK among the locals. It takes about 15 min by speed boat.
It has soft sand and the clarity of the water is wonderful.

Stilt Houses
ost Sabahan stayed in this kind of houses before.
But these houses are coming to an extinct as there is so much development in the city


Jackson said...

Oohhh..the big crab!! oh..the prawn!!! Oohhh....Sabah!! I wish i can visit Sabah soon!

Jen's Place said...


But when I visit Sabah, the restaurant charge me sooooo expensive! But the seafood really fresh..yummy...Prawn can just boil in water and eat like that..soooo sweet..droooollllllllll

tigerfish said...

It's really cheap! And look at that bountiful of seafood.
Must be such an enjoyable trip back home, right?

Big Boys Oven said...

Oh! I want I want big fish and big prawns! walio ! you did any cooking? walio! RM24 a bottle of beer is at expensive. Else where in KK is much much cheaper! You kena tipu! lol!

bigfish_chin said...

Dear all, Thnx for dropping by :)

oh... pay a visit to Sabah! Now fly with Air Asia very cheap eh!

I bet u went to those restaurant which is mostly for Tourist leh. If u have local friend who can guide you, i'm sure u will get crazy like me! haha :)

Yah man! Really Cheap and really SYOK when bargaining!! haha
I was really enjoy back home and i got no chance to get hungry at all.

Yah man! I did some cooking and only be my mom's helper. Didn't take down photos... what a waste!
We had beer in a BAR at the Beach leh. 2 for RM25 lar, u read SALAH ler~ ;)

ai wei said...

nice pic!!!!!!!

i love the pics of scenery taken. one word, impressive!

wmw said...

Manukan Island is beautiful! I haven't been to Sabah yet...more reasons to go now.

Little Corner of Mine said...

See that you enjoyed lots of fresh seafood there. And the prawns are huge!

beachlover said...

I love seafood,when I see your pix...I keep saying 'ha huh waaa'...drooling la,the price is really cheap.I never visit Sabah..dunno where to start ig I want to visit !! hahaha!!

White On Rice Couple said...

WE love your pictures and thank you for giving us a free trip! Feels like we are there. Love your firecracker picture too! How close did you get?

Rose said...

Big Fish! I miss all those sceneries and seafood in Sabah! Been there twice and last time with hubby and little gal last July!!

Seeing all those photos bring back memories of last year vacation! Hahaha

I Cook4Fun said...

Wah the prawns, crab and fish are so cheap back there!!!! I bet it is really fresh too. Welcome back and thanks for sharing all the beautiful pictures with us.

Hazel said...

wow..from ur blog i know a lot about Sabah.thanks.

alexander said...

Fantastic photo.
The love the first photo and the sunset one best!

The fishes are cheap! Wow! What a great catch!

Alex's World! -

daphne said...

beautiful!!!!! nice food and nice scenery.. superb!

SueSue said...

Wah everything so cheap one.U must be makan a lot ler.

Wandering Chopsticks said...

Wow! Looks like you had a great trip home! That crab and the shrimp look so yummy.

Hazza said...

Thannks for sharing those pics. Being a PJ boy, I have never ventured out of the city and never experienced scenes like those before. You just get used to overpriced goods in the city. Looks like you have too, hehe!

ekeng said...

i will go back to KK on April..Woohuu...need to take one day time relax at Pulau Manukan or Pulau Sapi :)

Hazel said...

hi, a simple tag for you.

Rose said...

Hi Big fish, I got a tag and award for you, please collect them at my blog! :)

bigfish_chin said...

Ai wei,
Thanks for your priceless comment!
Hope u love The Land Below the Wind.

There so much reasons to go Sabah… I’m just promoting some only.
Go there for a short visit, U will love to be there!

Little corner of mine,
Seafood there is really FRESH! Those prawns are really huge n we really cannot get such good price the city!

More “ha huh waaa” if you really there sitting with me there waiting for the dinner serve! Haha :)
Pay for a visit, and u will definitely love it!

White on rice couple,
Thanks for dropping by my blog here :)
Firecracker pix eh… Zooom… and cut and paste only!

U been to Sabah eh ~
Go for vacation again… the city has changed a lot and more and more good food restaurant opened there now!

I cook4fun,
Yeah man! Seafood is really cheap and unbelievable there! Don’t bet… and it is really FRESH! FRESH! FRESH!

Thanks again… you’ll definitely love there if you been there :)

Sunset… yah! The whole Kota Kinabalu City is like along the sea side… you will love it!

Like it?! Pay a visit there… haha :)

Wandering chopsticks,
Thanks for visit my blog again!
I was really had a great trip back home this time!

Yes, yes! U are right! Everything in the city is overpriced and when I was back home, everything is like SO SO SO CHEAP to me! Haha :)

Thanks to dropping by my blog here.
You are Sabah Boy ah? From which part leh?
Emmmhhh… Pulau Sapi… miss there a lot too…

Hazel & Rose
So busy at work, after replying comment and visit some blogs, some time got no time to tag… haha :) I will get it done as soon as possible!

Cynthia said...

This is such a great post. Thanks for taking us on the trip with you through your photographs and sharing the delights with us. Thank you!

jadepearl said...

Welcome back! :)
Wah...have never been to Sabah before...looks fantastic and the sedap and value for $$$.

Simply...Gluten-free said...

Welcome back. Great pictures! Looks like you haad a great trip. I'll add Sabah to my list of places to visit.

JOjo said...

OMG...The pics look lovely, especially the scenery. Sabah definitely have one of the best scenery&beach in the world! I want to go!!!

WokandSpoon said...

Love the photos!! And all that seafood!!!! mmmmmmm.

chumpman said...

I haven't been to Sabah yet but sure it's really worth to pay a visit with beautiful scenery and besides, I'm a big big fan of seafood. Cheers !