Saturday, March 22, 2008

Spring Onion Sambal Pork

Oh dear all… how to explain I miss every one here and couldn’t have a free time to let me sit down like tonight here!
I’m BACK and really back…

1. Pork 250gm (sliced)
2. Spring Onion (sectioned)
3. 1 Red Chili (sliced)
4. 4 Cloves Garlic (grated)
5. 4 shallots (grated)

Marinate Pork:
* Some chopped garlic and shallots, corn flour, pepper.

1. Heat up 2 tbsps cooking oil, fry grated garlic and shallots until fragrant.
2. Pour in Marinated Pork, stir fry with low heat (5 min)
3. Add in sliced Chili and fry until become fairly dry.

If you remember I made the Sambal Shrimp Paste few weeks ago…

I have kept the some of my Home Made Sambal Shrimp Paste in the fridge and using it whenever I want to have my dish in a little spicy way.

Basically, we can easily find this kind of Sambal Shrimp Paste is selling in the Hypermarket, but mostly added a lot of preservative to prevent mould. Home made Sambal Shrimp Paste is always healthier without the preservative. If we keep it in the right way, the Sambal Shrimp Paste can even keep for at least a month.

Follow the steps below; you can always keep the Home Made Sambal Shrimp Paste fresh and longer.

How to keep the Home Made Sambal Shrimp Paste longer?
* Use clean and dry spoon to scoop out the needed portion.
* Make sure our fingers or hands do not touch on the Sambal Shrimp Paste.
* Keep inside the meat tray in the fridge.


wmw said...

Welcome back, once again :o). This dish looks great!

suesue said...

Wah finally your are back. hihihi wah sambal pork looks sedap ler.

beachlover said...

aiyooo...where you go so long??..miss you lor!!.your dish look spicy and good.!!I also like to make my own sambal paste for can always put in the freezer and pack smaller portionso it easier to thawed...keep looking for more yummy food!!

Jen's Place said... happy to see u back!!!!

tigerfish said...

Thanks for that! I was thinking what else can I do with my bottled sambal other than frying kang kong with it, or a sambal prawn dish!

Welcome back!

alexander said...

Wow! This looks to good!
Thanks for the recipe. I must try it!

Alex's World! -

~Christine~Leng said...

welcome back!
sambal... I love it!

Hazza said...

Welcome back! That dish looked great! I must admit never having used pork for spicy dishes before, but maybe its just a tradition, no harm to try though, I guess!

daphne said...

That's going to be on our dinner menu next week! Great share!

Little Corner of Mine said...

Welcome back! This dish looks delicious!

Hazel said...

wow, sooo tasty.. give me some..hehe

Simply...Gluten-free said...

Glad your back! This looks SO good!

Hazel said...

hi, a simple Pink Heart Tag for u. Have a nice weekend!

WokandSpoon said...

Mmmmm. Such a colourful dish! yum!

yammylicious said...

yammmmm so delicious!! come time mom jus replace it wif siu yok! slurp! sedap la...

ai wei said...

sambal!!! malaysian's fave!!!

Anonymous said...


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jadepearl said...

I love anything sambal...what to do, nyoya bah! Delicious!

jadepearl said...

Happy New Year 2009! May the year of the Cow brings you more joy, happiness, good health, luck and prosperity!

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