Monday, November 26, 2007

My Puppy – Fatty

Really painful insight… That was a Tuesday, Eason (BiBi ~ New daddy's recommender) called me ~ He asks me whether is still with us। I knew this day will come soon! I felt extremely hateful... Is such so quick?! We have not ready with any preparation actually, that was because BiBi’s leaving us not even 2 weeks, my “sad mood” also has not returned to normal yet… it is just to fast that now I have to face with Ah Fat’s leaving… Too fast until I cannot accept and don’t know how to handle actually…
Such a sudden moment, I had not thought… the next minutes, I made a rang to Chin and told him about Eason is coming over… Who knew he has not responded at all?! Errrggghhh…
I was so sad, it was like so reluctantly I have to accept that Ah Fat is going to leave us soon…
Same situation like BiBi that day ~ I went home, brought Ah Fat to restroom… The sad scene started to appear in my mind again… Inside heart ~ I felt like carrying a heavy stone!!!
Ah Fat is actually an overweight puppy, his whole body covered by full dull black shinny hair… His eyes is actually big and round, because of he is just too dark, therefore some times we can’t really see his eyes... A male dog like him, he voice is really loud and strong when he barks! He is totally a Strongly Built and Vigorously puppies comparing to others…
We used to lye on the sofa and he was too playful and over excited… he jumped up on top on our belly and the post we normally have is ‘can’t even make a sound’ and ‘only can feel that our eye balls’ is dropping when this case happened!
Every time when I wanna to shower him, I will walk “hand in hand” with him and his actions will
normally acts like a little human baby to enter gradually with me into the restroom... He will jump up on top and stand on the covered toilet bowl. He will wait there quietly for me to get ready the warm water. He will stand obediently where enjoys me rubbing his back. He likes me to wash his hair and treating him like a human.
Approximately, we suppose to meet Eason on Thursday evening, Eason will come with his friend and bring away Ah Fat from us...
That Tuesday evening, Ah Fat was playing at the living room as usual, my little lonely disposition Catty (another female puppy with Cream colour) unexpectedly was giving extraordinarily attention to play with Ah Fat!
* We been keeping them since so long and we never seen Catty get along well with Ah Fat?!
Same day… when Chin came back, I was so happy to tell him about Catty and Ah Fat! Until that was time to sleep, I kept asking him with the same question ‘should we really give away Ah Fat to others?’ Because I discovered, in the past several years, we didn’t actually have time to take care them nicely. None of us have the extra time to pay attention to look after them. Therefore, that’s the only reason why they are now having rebel's behavior. I can see thoroughly Chin didn’t want to make such a bad decision too. But he has not actually detained any opinion for me.
~ Errrggghhh!!! I didn’t know how to express… I was sad and it was so hard for me to fall asleep on that particular night!~
Wednesday… Gosh! Here the critical moment come! Tomorrow will be “The Date”!
As usual Ah Fat was playing in the living room again… I was sitting on the sofa; Ah Fat suddenly lying on my legs and showed his adorable faces to me…
Oh My God ~ I can feel my heart was ‘MELTING’… And this lovely scene will not be able to appear again after Thursday evening!!!
The feeling inside me heart was like drinking the Lime Juice!
Damn it… suddenly I felt like I hate Thursday’s evening?! ~
Ha! Unbelievable… Who knows there’s sentences came out from Chin’s mouth… with ‘Dull and Heavy Voice’!
He said ~ “I think you called Eason and tell him don’t came tomorrow! Our Ah Fat is actually quite obedient!”
~ Oh??? My mind cannot respond at all in a sudden!
But inside my heart… I was like dancing on the huge big stage… Yeeaaah! Yeaaaahh! Yeaaaah!!!

I was so impatient, the second days the first minute after awake from my best sweet dream…I gave Eason a call and CANCELED our appointment with him!!!

So, now our Big Ah Fat is still with us …
~ And I am hoping that we will not change our mind and don’t give up Ah Fat anymore!!!

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