Thursday, November 1, 2007

Outing to ~ Cameron Highland

* Peppermint garden (entrance)

Our group of people,(8 of us) … driving up to Cameron Highland enormously!
* The weather is cloudy...Raining (Extremely cold!)

All the way all is the curving road…Just in a short while of driving…The road all the way up entered governs the narrow condition!
The curving place is especially dangerous, in addition rains ~ slippery… We arrived there about 7pm!

Woow!!! Reached the first small town.。。The rain water has not been stop and even heavier…We were forced to get down from the car for shopping, with“the underwear umbrella”which is given by Christina when she was back in Malaysia!
Friends from another vehicle were already getting up the “BBQ-fire”.
Preparation start and doing BBQ ~Baking.
There weather is Spring all over the year, the evening climate is very possible get down to 10 degree! For a country like Malaysia,10 degree is extremely cold!)
Urrh! By the time we arrived Sister Tan’s house is already almost 8pm!
The rain didn’t stop , the night was dark misty… Can even felt the cold was right at the corner!

The happy thing is, in front of her house ~ There is a space for us to BBQ, we won’t drip wet by the rain.
Although outside didn’t have any street light, but we may see clearly under our foot ~ was a piece of green and glossy peppermint garden.

People who stay there… due to the fresh air… I believe Human's mood also can be better!

~ We need double layers of blanket that night... "how to go for White X'mas??"
"Loving is not just looking at each other, it’s looking in the same direction."

(Antoine de Saint-Exupery)
* Flower Farm ~ All the plants there are bigger and nicer!


* BOH’ Tea Farm~ The most famous Tea Farm in Malaysia

* Chrysanthemum farm

* Vegetable Farm

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can u let me know where is the vegetable farm and the peppermint farm u visit?

thank you..