Thursday, January 3, 2008

2008's Lucky Ring

A Gift for us ~ End of year of 2007 & Beginning of 2008.

If you loved to have surprise, then you’re going to love my latest short story which was happened recently.

That was 30th December 2007, a really Lucky Day for me and Panda. We went to Tesco again to do our house hold and glossaries shopping. I bought a lot of prawns, vegetables and herbs… wanted to ready for the New Year Eve party in my friend’s house.

We walked out from Tesco Hypermarket, there are so many stalls selling ladies hand bags and jewelries. The very last stalls we were passing through, it was a Jewelries Stall which is selling all the Fake Gold Jewelries. This is the time… Panda shouted and ask me to “Watch Out! Why are you stepping on a Necklace? I think they dropped it”. The next step we did was we picked up the Necklace and pass to the sales girl there…

Who knows… they told us that Necklace was not belongs to them, and they passed it back to us. We holding it, and looked at it very seriously. I told Panda, this Necklace look so fake, because the design was old fashion and with the size, we both have the same thought ~ it shouldn’t be so light. But look into the Necklace clearly, there was a little number written there “916”. Huh… according to common sense “916” means gold, but on the other hand our thoughts were perfectly matches. ‘Weight too light’… since none of us can decide whether is real or it is not, then we decided to bring it over to Poh Kong Jewelry Shop near our house to find out the truth.

My God, Poh Kong’s sales person told us that this Necklace worth RM470, if it comes with a receipt, it worth even more than RM500!
Gooosssh… I felt so luckily that we didn’t throw it away just now ~

The whole 31st December, the last day of 2007, I was so busy getting preparing some dishes, we both put the Necklace aside and went to friend’s house.

Then 1st January 2008, we woke up late and Panda said, lets bring the Necklace out and we sell it off to the Jewelry Shop, so we go for Good Lucky Dinner tonight. Wow… then I was so happy and agreed with what Panda suggested! Since it looks so old fashion and none of us like the design. And the most important point is, we both felt like not good with wearing it.

Went to Poh Kong, and they told us if want to sell of the Necklace without receipt, they are going to deduct 25% due to depreciation. They have 1st option for us, with changing it to cash, but the value went even lower. The 2nd option they gave is exchange with other Jewelry in the shop, so we choose accordingly to the price they judged on the Necklace. We both felt like not so satisfy, and then walked in another Jewelry Shop (Wa Chan) which is just opposite to Poh Kong. Lovely ~ Wa Chan give us better deal! And they suggested we can pick from any Jewelries from Wa Chan which was a bit lower than the actual value.

Orrrggghh… Panda agreed and we started our Jewelry Exchange Shopping!!!
* Here it is… Lucky Gift for 1st January 2008.
A nice beautiful Gold Ring...
~pictures taken by Panda


Little Corner of Mine said...

Wow, how nice was that? Got free gold ring just like that, a very lucky start to the new year for you indeed.

bigfish_chin said...

Hi little corner of mine,
Yes man! Panda's eyes was too SHARP!!! And finally the Gift belongs to me... hehehe

peiying said... got "ling" to wear..when is the big day!! Panda!! hurry up lah!!!!

Peiying said...

Okay, you can tell how outdated and stupid I was posted a year ago, but I thought it's recent post..ahaha!! anyway. still hurry up set a date lah...!!