Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Non Spicy Curry Prawns




1. 15 Fresh Chilies
2. 7 Medium Shallots
3. 4 Garlic (Big)
4. 1 stalk Torch Ginger
5. 3 Stalk Lemon Grasses
6. 1 big piece Giner
7. 2 stalks Curry leaves
8. 6 Bird Eye Chilies
9. Some Star Anise
10. 8 Lady Fingers
11. 2 Tomatoes (sectioned)
12. 1 Round Brinjal (sectioned)
13. 3 Stalks Spring Onion (sectioned)
14. 2 Stalks Chinese Celery (sectioned)
15. 20 medium size prawns

* Blended – Fresh Chilies, Shallots, Garlic, Ginger, Torch Ginger and Bird Eye Chilies.
* Cut -Tomatoes and Round Brinjal into cubes.
- Spring Onion and Chinese Celery (1 inch)
* Trim and cut the back of the prawns and deviant.

1. Heat up Frying-pan with 5 tbsps full cooking oil.
2. Fry Blended Ingredients until fragrant. (at least 20min)
3. Add Curry Leaves and “pat kok” flower, fry for another 10min.
4. Add 2000ml water and mixed well “Serai” with all ingredients.
5. Pour in Brijal, Lady Fingers, Tomatoes, Spring Onion and Chinese Celery.
6. Add sufficient salt and Brown Sugar, then pour in Prawns.
7. Simmer for another 15min and SERVE!

Some of my friends love curry but yet they can’t take too spicy!
That was a potluck gathering we had in a friend’s house. And I have made a Curry which is not spicy and I was trying to make the curry without adding those ready made Curry Powder.

With all the raw ingredients I bought… went through blending and cutting. I was also making my own seasoning taste for the curry. I was quite happy that the Curry turn how reddish, not too oily and yet not too spicy…
And this recipes ~ NOT USING COCONUT MILK...
(1/2 rice bowl) Blended Ingredients.
With the reserve blended ingredients, I decided to have another recipe for the prawns.

1. 30g Shrimp paste (Belacan)
2. 3 Stalk long bean (cut 1 inch)
3. 15 medium size prawns (remove heads and shell)

1. Heat up Frying-pan with medium heat, fry shrimp paste until fragrant without oil.
Pound or grind Shrimp Paste with a little bit water.
2. Heat up Frying-pan with 3 tbsps full cooking oil.
3. Fry Blended Ingredients until fragrant. (at least 20min)
4. Add shrimp paste and stir fry until mixed well.
5. Add Prawns and fry evenly together with Long Bean.
6. Add sufficient salt. Stir fry for another 5min and SERVE!


Simply...Gluten-free said...

This is my first time stopping by your blog. This dish looks lovely!

Little Corner of Mine said...

I am curious! You look so young, how did you learn to cook all these yummy food? :P Are you already owning a restaurant? :D

Cynthia said...

You've changed the look of your blog again! I love this better and it really shows the photographs well.

I love, love, love that curry you made. I have to try making curry with your combo of aromatics.

Hazel said...

wow, yummy..need so many ingredients? i m not so good in cooking..

yammylicious said...

LOVELY!!! i guess my bro will jumping high with the non spicy curry prawn! thx alot ya!

Big Boys Oven said...

So cool! a love at the first sight!

Hazza said...

That curry looks lovely! I am having trouble getting my son to eat curry because he cannot take it even the slightest bit spicy. I thought this would be a great recipe to wean him on it, but then I noticed the cili padi in the ingredients. I guess it should still be ok if I leave that out? I can get fresh chillies here which tends to be less hot than those in M'sia.

Wandering Chopsticks said...

Hi Big Fish,
Thanks for visiting my blog! What's the item on the left in the top picture? Is that the torch ginger? Does it taste like regular ginger?

jadepearl said...

Thanks for visiting my humble blog! Love all sorts of curries. Wah, it looks so sedap! :)

I Cook4Fun said...

This prawns curry look so lovely and is a healthier version. No coconut milk :)

alexander said...

This is a very good article.
Thanks for the recipt.
I can see an phase of improvement to your post. Well done!
Keep up the good work.

Alex's World! -

bigfish_chin said...

Hi Carol,
Thanks for dropping by here. Will have more dishes post coming up :)

Hi little corner of mine,
I look young?! Thanks Thanks… how I wish I can go back to 25yrs old.
Abt cooking, I always standing at the kitchen door just to hope my mom give me a chance to help her. Then the next is, if mom is not at home, I will modify her recipes and also digging out all her storage to play my real “masak-masak”. Now I’m staying my own, and play with my own real one. :) How I wish I can own a restaurant… haha

Hi Cynthia,
Hope this is more eyes’ attractive to all my readers. Let me know if u have tried my mixtures aromatics curry. I created it my way without using the coconut milk. Turned out great :)

Hi Hazel,
Thanks for dropping by again… learn on cooking, u will like it.

Hi yammylicious,
This is really suit to those who doesn’t take spicy but they still have a chance to take curry.

Hi big boys oven,
Thank thank thanks a lot for telling me all the tips.

Hi Hazza,
Try this recipes and I’m sure your son can accept. Take out the bird eye chilies and change it to more normal Red Chilies, it will be nicer for those who can take spicy.

Hi wandering chopstick,
Thanks for dropping by here. Yes, that is “Torch Ginger”… lovely aromatic herb that we usually use it to cook curry, or other spicy recipes. People is Thailand and North Malaysia using it together with lime’s leaves for fried rice too. It doesn’t taste like normal ginger, cos normal ginger is normally spicy, but Torch Ginger only come with a nice aromatic smell but non spicy.

Hi Jadepearl,
Thanks for dropping by my BigFish Cook Book too. Try this, really not bad!

Hi I cook4fun,
Yes, this is definitely a healthier version. I don’t actually like coconut milk so much, that’s y I was thinking to try my own recipes. But turned out Great! :)

Hi Alex,
Thanks to be here with BigFish Cook Book again… Will keep it up and make it better. Hope my recipes appeared in you kitchen :)