Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Sambal Shrimp Paste

1. 20 Fresh Chilies
2. 10 Dried Chilies
3. 6 Medium Shallots
4. 4 Garlic (Big)
5. 60g / 80g Shrimp Paste (Belacan)
6. 1 Chinese Rice Bowl Dried Shrimps
7. 3 tbsps of Brown Sugar

* Heat up Frying-pan with medium heat, fry shrimp paste until fragrant without oil.
Pound or grind Shrimp Paste with a little bit water.
* Clean and Soak Dried Shrimps until soft.
* Blended – a) Fresh Chilies
b) Dried Chilies
c) Medium Shallots
d) Garlic
e) Dried Shrimps

1. Heat up Frying-pan with 5 tbsps full cooking oil.
2. Fry Blended Ingredients a-d until fragrant. (at least 20min)
3. Add smashed Shrimp paste and fry for another 10min.
4. Add Blended Dried Shrimps and fry until mixed well with all ingredients.
5. Pour in another 2 tbsps cooking oil, stif fry for another 10min.
6. Add 3 tbsps Brown Sugar, stir fry.

** If you want spicier, can add few Bird Eye Chilies to blend with ingredients a-d.


Christy said...

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bigfish_chin said...

Hi Christy,
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