Sunday, January 6, 2008

Spicy Sambal Shrimps

That was the eve of 2007 Christmas Eve, I felt something wrong with myself … I have tons of ingredients came out in my mind like slide pictures ~ a lot of ingredients popping up: Chilies, Onion, Garlic, Shrimp paste, Shallots… etc…

Oooorrrggghh… again ~ again… I hate this feeling, because I know… I know… I can’t control again! I have to make a move to Tesco, and get all those things, and this mode was driving me that I have to make my own Shrimp’s Sambal Paste done tonight.

I’m lucky cos Panda always very supportive and he give his tongue to become the most sincerely dishes tester for me all the time. I told him, I want to have my Shrimp’s Sambal done. Then the first thing come across in his mind is that I always have to chop so many ingredients hardly with using the knife. Then he decided to buy me a new blender to make my cooking preparation easier. Hahahaaa… I treat this as my Christmas Present for 2007. Surprisingly, I was so satisfy with getting the new blender!

Told my friend about my Christmas Present and they laughed at me crazily…


That night, he went out for a friend’s wedding dinner and I stayed home. I was so keen that I have to make my Mission Complete! Straight after dinner, I start my preparation…
Called my mom at first place, to make sure I have all the ingredients prepared correctly. Oh well, here I have to praise my mom about her cooking … she is just too gorgeous with her lovely hands. I never seen her failed with any dishes with “My MOM’s COOK BOOK!!!” Any dishes cook by mom are all lovely ~

I started from 9.30pm to clean all the ingredients. First thing, rinse and drain the Dried and Fresh Chilies. 30 Chilies … have to clean all the seeds! Orrrghhh… I was so regret for cleaning the seeds without wearing GLOVE! My hand was so HOT and SPICY … it last me for at least 5 hrs!!!

*Warning ~ Pls clean the Chilies Seeds with GLOVE!

*Warning ~ Pls clean the Chilies Seeds with GLOVE!


* My 1st Sambal Shrimps DONE~

Methods … to be continue ~


CB said...

Congrats on the new blog and thank you for signing on to mine. Those chiles are fantastic. Great pictures.

Cynthia said...

Hey, you've done some re-designing. I like.

That spicy sambal shrimps is a dish I would love.

Cynthia said...

Can you please email me your sambal recipe?

My email is:

Little Corner of Mine said...

Your sambal looks great, very spicy looking! Will await for the finished sambal shrimps dish.

bigfish_chin said...

Hi cb, thanks to drop by here! This dish is very famous in Malaysia. We call it Sambal Shrimp Paste.

cythia, thanks so much to support me here! I will email you right after this. You gotta try this, taste really good!

little corner of mine,
I have done the full recipe...
Yeah! Thanks for so supporting!