Monday, January 21, 2008

My BigFish Cook Book

Since last Thursday, is been few days already, haven’t been posting my recipes on blog… huh… getting frustrated now! I was so busying to figure out ways just to improve my blog. The problem with my Photo Shooting and Making nice template are giving me a big challenge.

As a new blogger, I think I get addicted over here! :)

Comments from friends and Foodiest …
Very much appreciate to every one here and I have made up my mind to improve my blog page template soon.

1. Why I want to set up a Blog?
This is really important for me to drive ahead. In the very beginning, I bet every one here are like me ~ wanted to set up a blog for SHARING, and Learn new things. Make a habit to note down anything which is actually interesting and warming your soul. But after some times, I found most of the thing that make me smiling inside out to share here are my Home Cooking and Recipes. I feel extremely proud with my own creations and also the modified recipes whenever it served on the dinning table.
I have found my answer even obvious after some times of carving. Opinions given by lot of friends, and I’m sure that I’m the lucky new blogger because I got to know some bloggers and added them into my MSN as well.
* Especially from Big Boy Oven (Sid), my friend who works in MPH Publisher (Lawrence), and also a designer he is my ex-schoolmate (Hakkison). Their opinions are really helping me a lot.

2. Food Blog – How should I present a food blog.
Eat out food or Home Cook Food? My blogging are mainly about my Home Cook Food and Recipes. Friends’ opinion, that I have to actually make a brand and a unique name which is easier for others to remember me.
* So I stick back to my lovely nickname as BigFish.

4. Template and Theme Color.
Keep the design clean and nice to read.
* Don’t use Eyes Killing Fonts and Color.
** This is the very first thing that I can do up to the stage now ~ to change my blog looks clean and comfortable.

5. Photo Shooting.
After College and quit my design job. Is been ages I never keep myself updating with the Photo Shooting matter. All my photos are just simply shooting without any side preparations most of times.
But since I started to add my first Food Blogger (CookingMonster) in my list, from there I started to know foodiest from all around the world. The very first blog which really gave me a strong impression is Taste Like Home (Cynthia’s blog). Her photos are all serving with well food styling. Another one is Big Boys Oven (Sid), and I been chatting online with him few times, and he was telling me about the dinning set like bowls and plates chosen are important for Food Photography too.

* I will have to get back to my skill from now, try to shoot more and practice more to make my dishes come out with nice lighting shoot.
* I started to buy nice dinning set to make my food present nicer.
* Might have to set up a small shooting area in my house with some simple lighting equipments.

I’m looking forward from every one here to give me more opinions and also comments. I will try to make my improvement step by step. I am looking forward to get my own domain~ when the “clicks” is there!

Please forgive me if you found my blog has some changes, because some times it will be under construction.

Looking forward to step ahead from decent to better…

~ Happy Blogging ~ Cheers!

Blogs below are those I always visit because of their nice photographs. :)

1. Oh for The Love of Food
2. Steamy Kitchen
3. Audrey Cooks
4. A Whiff of Lemongrass
5. Food for Thought
6. Imbi and Itchy


Kelly Mahoney said...

Good luck with your blog!

Rose said...

Hi Bigfish! I find your new change very soothing and refresh for me! hahahaha! maybe bcos it is white, it looks clearer and nicer with food photos in it!

Yes, my initial objective of setting up a blog is for SHARING and get to know new people. One of the new friends is you, and I am glad to know you.

Good luck in your blog and happy blogging!!

Imbi & Itchy said...

Morning bigfish! good to see another passionate blogger whom is into cooking and recipes from Malaysia! You may want to drop by and search some food topic to have an idea on photo shooting :-) if you need any tips too, just buzz me *hugs*

alexander said...

I could notice the changes to your blog most immediately!

It is much better now. Photos plays an important role. I can see now. Thanks for the information.

Looks like you are on the right track.

Alex's World! -

~Christine~Leng said...

your blog is innovative :)
definitely will be handy for me! as.. i really need recipes!! haha.
Good luck in venturing out and making a difference is good :)

Hazza said...

An absolutely brilliant article and most useful to someone like me who has just started blogging for a couple of weeks! Thanks!

Big Boys Oven said...

oh my eyes are drooling now, circling and congratulations on your new and interesting new layout, it's gonna get very exciting, oledi started!

Hazel said...

hi, ur blog is nice

bigfish_chin said...

Hi kelly mahoney,
Thanks for visiting my blog!

Hi rose,
Thanks for supporting. I will keep it up ... make it better and better.

Hi imbi & inchy,
Thanks for dropping by my blog! And also thanks for your suggestion on, i'll drop by there to have a look. And also thank you so much for giving a helping hand on helping me. I will always drop by your blog.

Hi Alex,
Thanks for your support... I'm sure i'm on the right track! haha :)

Hi christine leng,
Thanks for your supports! I will always update my recipes. Hope it makes use from here in your kitchen.

Hi hazza,
Let us move ahead and make our blog better & nicer...

Hi big biys oven,
Thanks for your supports and all your opinions... really usefull for me!!! Gan Ba Teh!!!

Hi hazel,
Thanks for visiting my blog...

Simply...Gluten-free said...

Hi there again and thanks for adding me to your blog list. I have added you to mine as well.

bigfish_chin said...

Hi Carol,
Thanks for dropping by and added me in your list!