Monday, January 28, 2008

Black Pepper Pork

Gravy~ Black Pepper Gravy~ I Love Black Pepper Gravy~

Believe or not… A plate of tasty black pepper pork will come along with a perfect marinate process.

I always love the black pepper gravy… but always so curious about why people only cook Black Pepper with Beef and too rare to cook with Pork.

BigFish Cook Book is trying to make a different here. If u read my previous post ~ I tried this dish before with Beef and shoot with a photo which didn’t actually shown the dish great.

This time, Panda help to shoot the photo properly with so many failure shoots. And I choose from those and I think this is the best among all.

1. 250gm Pork (sliced)
2. 1 Red Big Onion (sectioned)
3. 5 cloves Garlic (grated)

Pork – some Black Pepper, Corn Flour, Sesame Oil and some brown sugar.

Black Pepper Seasoning:
Mix some Corn Flour, 1 tsp Black Pepper, ½ tsp White Pepper, ½ tsp Brown Sugar, Black Soya Paste and Grated Black Peppers with ½ rice bowl water.

1. Heat up 2 tbsps cooking oil and fry grated garlic until fragrant.
2. Pour in Marinated Pork and stir fry for 5min.
3. Add sectioned Red Onion and fry together.
4. Pour in Black Pepper Sauce and stir well, fry for another 5min.
5. Garnish with some Chinese Celery and Serve!
Trust me, no matter how good the gravy, the pork have to marinate nicely and at least for 20min. And you will find absorption of every pieces of sliced pork taste really good from Inside Out!

I prefer to use the Red Big Onion instead of the normal Onion. The color is nicer and the smell stronger.


Sharona May said...

Your Black Pepper Pork looks very good. It looks like it will have tender meat because of the sauce. YUM>

Sharona May

Little Corner of Mine said...

YUM, looks delicious! Which reminded me, I still have some black pepper sauce waiting to be used. :)

daphne said...

yum! Black pepper is sooo versatile! I use it to stir fry pasta! kekekeke

Big Boys Oven said...

this is so so yummy delicious, I love them tender!

CB said...

Thanks for posting on my blog.. The apples stay very moist in this dessert. also I lov this dish I can't wait to try it.

SueSue said...

Hehehe... nevermind practise makes perfect. Wah I love your black pepper pork. Looks delicious leh.

Wei, rememeber to change my link in your blog ya.

bigfish_chin said...

Hi sharona may,
Thanks for dropping by here... try it, u will like it.
I'm trying to enter your page, but it doesn't allow me to...

Hi little corner of mine,
This is really delicious... remember to marinate the Pork before cook :)

Hi daphne,
stir fry pasta.... that is interesting!

Thanks for being here... again thanks!

Hi Cb,
Thanks for dropping by here. U must try this... it is yummmy delicious!

Hi Sue,
Try the black pepper, u will like it!
I have changed you URL :)

Christy said...

I like black pepper too but somehow I always get a little dizzy after having a few bites of anything with black pepper:S

Hazel said...

are you sure so easy to make a black pepper pork

Barbara said...

Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog about the Lemon Meringue Pie.

I absolutely love your blog! My husband and I are traveling to Malaysia the end of February and after looking at all your recipes I can't wait to try out the food there.

bigfish_chin said...

Hi Christy,
Make the gravy lightly if u feel dizzy… ;)
U will love it…

Hi Hazel,
Yes, really not hard if your make it by heart… try it, you will love it!

Hi Barbara,
Thanks to drop by here too!
Pls try as much food as possible when u are here in Malaysia.
You will miss all the food here… :)

Kevin said...

I like the sound of the black pepper being the star of the show where it is normally just a supporter. The black pepper pork looks and sounds really tasty.

bigfish_chin said...

Hi Kevin,
Thanks to be here with me...
Yea... you are right! The Black Pepper really important and it makes the dish *shine* ! :)

tigerfish said...

Thanks for sharing the pepper sauce seasoning ingredients. I always like to have my pepper sauce made from scratch. :D

Red Icculus said...

Hey BigFish,

We did this last night and it was amazing. I also added green peppers and some bok choi for some texture.

Thanks for the delicious recipe!