Wednesday, January 9, 2008

2008 Year of RAT

Chinese New Year is now right at the corner…
This coming Chinese New Year is the Year of RAT. According to the Chinese Lunar Calendar, Year 2008 is a Chinese Brown Earth (Soil) Rat Year.

Here come our Chinese Friends… I know some start doing home decoration soon. I’m sure there are things that we will have to be sticking on the wall of our home like Spring Calligraphy, Couplet, Chinese Lime Trees and etc…

In the markets out there… sure there are people start selling Mandarin Oranges and Year Cakes (Nian Gao). Some of my friend’s parents even making their own Chinese New Year Cake. This is a type of food prepared from glutinous rice and consumed in Chinese Cuisine. It is traditionally most popular during celebrating the Chinese New Year. It is considered Good Luck to eat Nian Gao, it symbolized “Climbing Higher this coming Good Year”.

Lam Garden, Panda’s parents are now preparing all the stocks for Chinese New Year shoppers too. Plants like Green Bamboo, Mei Hua, Money Trees and Wealthy Trees are all symbolized Wealth and Health.



beachlover said...

wah...I love all the plants there!!..what is the yellow fruit??.it's look weird..

alexander said...

Has Chinese New Year decorations' shopping begun?

Thanks for visiting my blog.

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Big Boys Oven said...

so fast it is already Chinese new Year!

jenjen said...

So many CNY decorative and plants are up for sale here in Kuching too. I think the moment Xmas is over, they immediately keep all the xmas trees and take out the bamboo and tanglungs! I love those lucky bamboos but not sure if I will be getting them this year for the house though. Lazy..!!! hahaha

tigerfish said...

You are early to welcome the year of the Rat! Or shall I say,just in time?
Just less than a month to go. Yay!

Thanks for visiting and linking my blog. I see that you cook too! I will link to you in my next updating. :)

bigfish_chin said...

Dear all, Thanks for visiting my blog!

Hi beachlover,
Thats some of them only. The yellow fruit eh~ they call it Mini Hand of Buddha... looks very cute

Hi Alex,
Chinese New Year shopping starts every where now... Some of the places can even hear the Chinese New Year songs man!

Hi big boys oven,
Yeaaa man! Is right at the corner... start doing your shopping?!

Hi JenJen,
Hopefully u get the Bamboo Trees you wanted. We have so many kinds of Bamboo Trees here at Lam Garden. Those pots they use for the Bamboos are so many too!

Hi tigerfish,
Is the time already... every one starts readying their preparation here for welcoming the CNY. haha
Love cooking a lot, thanks for linking me in your blog... will be more recipes updating soon :)