Friday, January 4, 2008

3 Dishes 1 Soup (Dinner)

Life is busy some times, but still I will try to get some times out in few times a week to have my Big Fish Cook Book mission completed. Simple and yummy dinner will do…

*Chinese always like “3 Dishes and 1 soup” ~
Fried Bitter Gourd with Eggs

1. 1 bitter gourd (sliced)
2. 2 eggs (stir)
3. 4 cloves garlic (chopped)

1. Rinse Bitter Gourd and cut into slices
2. Heat 2 tbsp of cooking oil, fry Chopped Garlic and fry until golden brown.
3. Add in Sliced Bitter Gourd and stir fry for 5min.
4. Pour over the stir eggs on top of the fried bitter gourd.
5. Fry with medium heat for 5min.

Sambal Onion Squids

1. 5 medium squids (shallow criss-cross)
2. 1 Red Onion (shred)
3. 1 Tomato (cubed)
4. 1 Big garlic (chopped)
5. 1 Torch Ginger (Chopped)

Chili paste seasoning:
* 1 Big garlic, 5 shallots, 5 red chilies, 3 dried chilies – Blended

1. Make shallow criss-cross cuts on body of squids.

(marinate with chopped torch ginger and sufficient salt)
2. Heat 2 tbsps oil and Chili paste seasoning, stir fry until fragrant.
3. Add Onions, and squids. Add ½ of water, stir-fry until cooked.
4. Dish up and Serve!

Fried Assorted Vege

1. 150g Pork (slices)
2. 20 slices carrot (slices, flowers’ shape)
3. Red dates ~ Hung Zau (cut ½)
4. 10g Mushrooms
5. 4 cloves Garlic (minced)
6. 12 Bean Peas

~ 2/3 rice bowl of water mixed with 1 tsp Oyster Sauce and 1 tsp Corn Flour.
~ Mix well with sufficient salt and 1 tbsp of Shao Hsing Wine.
(Marinate for at least 20min)

1. Rinse Pork, cut into slices. Rinse Bean Peas, and mushrooms.
Rinse carrot cut into florests, rinse Red Dates cut into half.
2. Heat up 2 tbsps of oil, fry minced Garlic until fragrant.

3. Pour in Sliced Pork and stir fry till cooked.
4. Add in Sliced Carrots, Red Dates, Mushrooms and Bean Peas.
*Stir fry for 2 min.
5. Add in seasoning, fry over till fairly dry.


Little Corner of Mine said...

Yummy! That's how I fry my bitter gourd too except I added some dried shrimps too.

huisia said...

Wanni, check this Way to blog for money, i guess you would keen it. :)

Rose said...

Simple and nice! That is what I like for dinner!

Thanks for sharing....

jenjen said...

Hi Bigfish,
Bittergourd - my favourite!!I can eat bittergourd cooked with anything! Bittergourd & bone soup, bittergourd fried with salted egg, bittergourd stuffed with minced meat! Okie, tomolo for lunch & dinner, gonna cook bittergourd..yummy!!!!Cant wait!
(Can you see me drooling?????)

bigfish_chin said...

little corner of mine,
dried shrimps! yah ... i gonna try that next time...

Hui Sia,
Step by step, do u think my blog is now the time to go for that?

Thanks for dropping again... more and more to share soon!

I love the bitter gourd with salted egg. Tried it in one Taiwanese friend's house before. The way they cook were too lovely!

Sue Sue said...

Adui... so much dishes for dinner. I used to have that but now without the maid no mored. Only max 2 sometimes with a soup if I have the time to cook.

Big Boys Oven said...

oh we are waiting to be invited for dinner... does that ring a bell! lol!

The bittergourd is better to poached before stir fried! taste better I was told.

yammylicious said...

wow u're so good in cooking!! yammm~

bigfish_chin said...

sue sue,
I'm trying my best also, some times i can even do STEAMING when i'm lazy... hahaha

big boy ove,
thanks for supporting! I believe... sure got chance that we can sit down to have MAKAN-ing together one day! Cheers~

Thanks to drop by my hamble blog eh~
I'm still in the learning stage... hopefully more to be done in my BigFish Cook Book!

aim said...

YUMMY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!......................