Tuesday, January 1, 2008

2008 Resolutions

New year symbolizes good luck, prosperity and a good new beginning. It's the best time to analyze on our past mistakes and make efforts to achieve our desinavy goals.

~Make a Wish Here! Goals will come true~

1. Spend More Time with Family & Friends
I gotta brain wash myself for ~ Work shouldn't always come first!

* To have more time for “us” and my family in Sabah.
* To take care of my puppies more.

2. My Career
Reorganize my little tuition centre which i have lost and start all over again step by step.

*Done with small renovation. Now is time to canvass sales for the business when schools reopened.

3. Get Out of Debt
Money ~ a big source of stress in my life last year!

* Will get rid from the debts I have and make my days brighter!
* Then only take out some little amount for Traveling ~ yeah!

4. Cute Car
I wanna get my Suzuki Swift! Don’t care… Dream must come true!

* *Friends says ... the car is too small ~ but I just LOVE IT so much.

5. House
I dont want to store my "age rubbish" any more!

*I gonna brain wash myself to throw away those things which I kept for ages. Keep the house look simple and nice!
* Find a suitable house for “us” and make sure it is not over budget.

6. Quit from Unhappiness

I wanna refrain from being stressful and unhappy!
I want myself to be happier and enjoy everyday in my life.
*This will make myself look more pretty and confident!

7. Enjoy Life More
I will proceed with my new hobby~ My BigFish Cook Book on the blog and make it nicer.
Therefore I will have more creation on my own recipes whenever I have time!
* Note down every interesting and lovely things I had in my daily life!

8. Learn New Things
I am going to learn on how people do so well in SOHO business and start mine from step by step too!
*Start from even a little or simple one will be a Good Start for me!

9. Slim and Slimmer
I wanna start back my Regular exercise ~ swimming!

~I'm reaching the age of 30 ....... dangerous!
*No Extra Pounds for 2008!

10. Get Organized

Organize myself from top to toe all over again.
I thought I’m very organized all the while, but found out a lot of things goes wrong because of my wrong thoughts.
*I will get myself force-organize to make my Resolutions Success this Year!


huisia said...

Happy New Year!

Rose's World said...

Wah! Looks like you have lots of goals to achieve this year leh......good luck! For me, just stay healthy, be happy and get new job! :)

bigfish_chin said...

hui sia,
thanks for visiting my blog!!! Still a lot to learn here...

Hi rose's world,
Hope for good start and wish all your goals come true!

FL Sam said...

Hi, Thanks for visiting my site. You have a nice blog. Wish all your resolutions will be accomplish. :)

bigfish_chin said...

Hi Sam,
thanks to support me here.
Happy New Year to you too~