Thursday, December 27, 2007

Sg. Buloh Leprosy Settlement

After chatting with my lovely blogger-mate, I decided to write about the place of my “Every Sunday’s Outing” to post it up here…

Here I come… as what I mentioned in my previous post, Sg. Buloh Nursery ~ Lam Garden is the usual outing place I have to go mostly for every weekend.

Since then only I found out there might be a lot of people thinking all the Nurseries in Sg. Buloh had shifted away to other places. So since last year, I found out the business which is operate by Panda’s Family is dropping. I guess this must be the main reason, because people out there do not know that most of the Nurseries are still there operating, and will not be shifting out so soon.

*The Valley of Hope*

This place is formally a Leprosy Control Centre (Leprosy Settlement).
The whole compound is about 500 aches. This settlement area was constructed during the British Colony in 1930s. Leprosy patients here live in a well constructed environment under medical supervision.

Surprisingly, the leprosarium community here is living under a well planned of their own ‘rules and regulations’ and great town planning. Residents here are living in an environment with mixture of races. They are Chinese, Malay, Indians and others. The communities here have their own school, social club house, police station, fire brigade and places for worship for different religions.

The Story Behind:
There were stories of patients who have struggled and psychological suffered. And here is the place the patients could live in humane surroundings.
The Leprosy Settlement has marked a very significant stage in Malaysian History in relation to medicine, architecture planning and social cultural aspects.

Under the well construction under the trustee of the Commonwealth Medical Trust, the houses here are mostly constructed with the design and idea of Garden City by Charles Crompton Reade from Australia. Houses are all small, constructed in about 15ft by 20ft ~ Living area, kitchen and washroom are connected.

Since years back, most of the residents here stayed with the plantation and farming as their main income resources. And now, the generations of at least 2 are still here continuing the Farming and Nursery business.

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Lam Garden Sdn Bhd @ Sg.Buloh Leprosy Settlement

*All Kind of flowers

* The hanging plants

*In the pots

*The big Monkey cup


*Ranges of Cactus


Then you may ask, ‘Is Panda’s parents are one of them too?’ ~ They Are Not.
They were from George Town, Penang since 25 years ago, they introduced by a relative who was actually the patient here to work for the pottery factory. And After years, they managed to set up their own nursery business and operating there since more than15 years ago. Beside the Nursery Retail, Panda’s brother manages to have his landscaping projects coming in too.

If you know about the New
Sg. Buloh Hospital, drive all the way in from the main road in front of the Hospital, you will see the Old Leprosy Hospital in your left hand side. Then go further more… You will start seeing all the nurseries … there are a lot more in all the way in… about 5 min drive from New Sg. Buloh Hospital, you will see Lam Garden Sdn Bhd.


Anonymous said...

Nice place and nice flowers. Thanks for sharing:)


beachlover said...

bigfish..I never visit Sg Buloh leprosy settlement b4..My dad's adopted brother and his wife have leprosy.Only my mom visit them during CNY to bring them cookies,clothes and food.She will bring back 'Kat Tree"(lime)from them.My uncle past away,left his wife who have no leg and hand,it;s really pity.I guess my mom don't want us to visit that place,maybe she afraid for us..Now I see all the beautiful flower you posted.I think I should visit there one day..I love more understanding,konon la grow up now! hehehe!!

chris said...

So many variety of flower,it looks so beautiful all d picture u post n u r so creative too make it so nice.

bigfish_chin said...

Thanks to be so supportive!!!
The flowers will be even nicer when the Chinese New Year stocks arrived leh ~

Sue Sue said...

aiyor that day while MSNing with you I was about to ask you is Panda's parents are one of them. But I paiseh scared offended la.

Must make a trip there la , sapu the CNY bunga.

bigfish_chin said...

Hi Sue, no offend lar, no prob. I get use to ppl normally will ask automatic one. So, been practice wit 'Answered B4 Ask'... hehehe
U must do there for CNY- Sapu stocks!

Cynthia said...

Hi there! Thanks for taking the time to stop by my blog and leave your well wishes.

I am looking forward to visiting your site. I like what you have done with yours.

bigfish_chin said...

hi cynthia,
so glad to see you and thanks for visiting my blog here!

kaney said...

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