Saturday, December 15, 2007

about BLOG

I have my whole day FREE today accept morning.

So, I’m here sitting to find out more about BLOG!

I know a lot of people have their own blogs, but I thought blogging is just like a simple thing which writing your own diary and let other people to share with. But after all, I found out that blogging is “NOT ONLY THAT”… even far more than what I expected!

I have been busying with my Job as a Marketer for the pass few years. Going outstation and been flying around a lot. There’s so many things I can share here, and I had just missed the chance cos I didn’t actually know more about the Function Of Blog.
~ What a waste…

Started from Oct 2007, I started to rearrange my schedule and switching back to my own little business… I also started to learn on Creating my own Blog. That was the very first step for me and I started with my Nick Name as “BigFish” ~ this nick name been with me for more than 15 years since my secondary school time. Over here, I want to share with people here about My Things and Feeling that made from the heart.

Very beginning... I was so glad about creating my own blog. But on the other hand, it was so hard for me to start with. I had even difficulties to start with the Add and Arrange Page Elements … My God! I started to notice that I am far behind with what is up to date online now!
Anyway… not giving up… I started with my own Cook Book. I like to cook and create new recipes for my own dish. Everything got started with taking pictures while I am doing my ingredients preparing and cooking. I practice myself to take down all the photos for the food I have done for every meal.

I was so exciting… I finally can manage my own personal time to take out the ‘WOK’ which I had kept inside the cupboard for more than 3 years due to my busy working schedule. I decided everything to be rearranged and start again… My writing, my cooking, my housework, my handicraft hobby, my pets…

Then so coincident, few weeks ago…I met one of my close best friends online, and she told me that she is an active blogger since 3 years ago, and she has a lot of fans there…she even earns from posting her Blogs… Gosh! Unbelievable… I can never believe Blogging is another pipe-line to earn extra income too. Pheeeuu… such a new stuff for me!

She told me about the Traffics, The Blog Rank and etc… everything seems so hard for me to understand. After short thinking, I have decided to start with what I can do now and since I want to make my ‘BigFish~Cook Book’, then I will learn step by step and hopefully from time to time, I can have my group of bloggy too. I believe if my contents are informative and friendly enough, I will slowly get into PPP…

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chris said...

first time i saw yr blog very surprise,now i know i m outdated.A lot of things that i dun know.Hope 1 day i also can be like u so talent.haha!!!

BigFish said...

Chris, thanks to be so supportive leh!
Create your own Blog too... is Fun here! Get to know a lot of new frieds leh!