Sunday, December 30, 2007

Dried Curry Prawns

iSome people said, if the weather is cold… is great to gorge on Spicy Cuisine.
But in Malaysia (Hot Weather country), we have all different races living together, although weather is all the while HOT. Still there are a lot of Malaysians like Spicy Food!
~ You’ll be Sweating Soon Enough~

I believe that my
BigFish Cook Book on Spicy Cuisine Recipes influenced by the many factors.
Malaysian curries typically use curry powders rich in coconut milk, shallots, ginger, belacan
(shrimp paste), chilis, and garlic.
With the Prawns, Chilies (both dried and fresh), shallots, garlic and torch ginger I have in the fridge. I am
NOT going to use Coconut Milk and Shrimp paste for my BigFish Curry Cuisine.

1. 15 medium sizes prawns
2. 1 Red Onion (cubed)
3. 4 shallots (chopped)
4. 1 Big garlic (chopped)
5. 3 Red Chilies (chopped)
7. 2 Dried chilies (chopped)
8. 1 Torch Ginger (chopped)
9. 1 Tomato (cubed)
10. 1 stalk Chinese celery (cut 1 inch)

Methods:~ medium heat
1. Trim and cut the back of the prawns and devein.2. Season with sufficient salt and pepper.
3. Heat 4 tbsps cooking oil and sauté ingredients 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 until fragrant.
4. 4. Stir well BABAS Curry Powder (25g) and 1 tbsp Sour Plum Sauce with ½ bowl of water (stir fry 5 min)
5. Add in Tomato and red onion (cubed), plus 2 cups of water.
* simmer prawns together for 10min.
6. Add Chinese Celery 5 min before dish up.

Done successfully!

From the research...
There are other health and preventative reasons why spicy foods are good for you.

1. Naturally induce labor
2. Stimulating digestive system
3. Stimulating Contractions
4. Cancer-fighting and cancer-prevention
- A recent study shows that capsaicin can be used to fight pancreatic cancer. It slowed the growth of cancer cells and in some cases, even caused cancer cells to die off.
5. Alleviate inflammation
- Arthritis and psoriasis are cause by nerve damage and cause pain on joints. Capsaicin supposedly helps to ease that pain.
6. Relieve chronic pain
- In some cases, spicy foods containing capsaicin greatly reduced pain caused by headaches or osteoporosis.
7. Heart-health
- Cayenne and chili peppers can help to reduce cholesterol. Additionally statistics show
that cultures that eat spicy foods (e.g. some Asian countries) frequently have a much lower rate of heart attack and stroke.

* (above: 4,5,6 and 7) From:


Little Corner of Mine said...

YUM, delicious! Love your curry prawns!

Can't really induce the labor, the baby only comes when it's time! :P

bigfish_chin said...

hahahaha ok... u have Experienced it. I know...