Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Steam Fish with Shao Hsing Wine

Steam The Fishes or Fried The Fishes… huh… ??!

I have finally decided to steam the fishes. Again I tried with the love Shau Shing Wine again. And I have bought this Fish Sauce few weeks ago, but still keeping it in the kitchen. Errrmmmhhh… This time I gonna use it!

~Shao Hsing Wine and Fish Sauce

1. Fishes (2)
2. Ginger (sliced)
3. 1 cut Bird Eye Chili (Chili Padi)
4. 1 shallot (sliced)
5. 1 mushroom (sliced)

*1. To make the fishes tasty – rub on 1/2 tsp Sesame oil and 1 tsp Oyster sauce.
* 2. To make the nice stocks – 1 tbsp of Shao Hsing Wine mixed with 1/2 cup water.
Then ~ Pour over (*1 and *2) fish and let it marinate for at list 15min.
Before steam ~ add 1 tbsp of Fish Sauce.
*3. Fry the Sliced Ginger until fragrant. Mixed with ½ teaspoon of Oyster Sauce.

Steam the Fishes for 20min… garnish with Red Sliced Chili and SERVE!
(If you like to serve it with the Ginger… pour on top)


chris said...

it's look simple n nice. i know how to steam.I steam b 4 but din put shao hsing wine,i can try next time,thanks.

Sue Sue said...

I also have a bottle of fish sauce in my kitchen but hardly used it. only used when I fried meehoon. Hummmm good idea wor to use it for steaming fish. Must try la.

daphne said...

lovely! i love this sort of steam fish. It brings the natural flavours of fish out. Good start to blogging! Keep going! It's fun!

Big Boys Oven said...

I think suesue had influence you to put chilli padi into your food steam!!!!kekekekekke!!! I usually use a good liking and delicious(may not be expensive) soya sauce! Just to retain the "Sin Mei" seafood aroma.

Anonymous said...

wow heaty stuff... :P

u can make fish more absorbant. make a middle section opening on the fish and then only add ingredients. Store in fridge for half hr or more, thaw awhile and steam.

Add chopped spring onions after steam for decoration.

Shallots if fried gives out more aromatic. Fried shallots are normally used for dishes like steam fish. None fried shallots are used in vegetables.

Adding sesame seed oil can remove the fishy smell or u can add more ginger. Pounce the ginger first before slicing into finer pieces. the ginger will release its potent more naturally. Add a few dash of pepper after steam.

You can add toufu and tomatoes though. Normal teochew steamed fish is something like yours but added tomatoes, toufu and salted mustard greens, without fish sauce. :P

BigFish said...

Hi little guy big kitchen,
Waaaow... u so experience!!! I can already imagine how the fish look like after the added the Tao-Fu and Tomatoes!
My mom also did the way u told me leh ~ thnx!