Monday, December 17, 2007

Cheapest Cook Book

~the cheapest cook book in town

I went to Porpular Book Store yesterday. Purposely… I want to have a look whether they have any new cook book. My purpose was not to buy the book ~ with the short visit time, I was just curious whether there’s any new creative way that I can learn a bit here and there.

My God! I cannot believe my eyes… just right at the middle of the entrance, I found this!
~ Chinese New Year Recipes, with nice designed cover. Sell only RM6.88!!!
Orrrggghhh… flip the book and had a deep look, those are the recipes and dishes that normally I can see from my mom’s cooking for the Chinese New Year Eve’s Dinner. What a funny book eh ~

Other than the Recipes, they written the Traditional of Chinese New Year like:~ Telling people about Red Packets, Lion Dance, Yu Sheng, Mandarin Oranges, Nian Gao and etc…

Without thoughts, I have bought it…


Rose's World said...

Wah! a very good bargain u have there!!

I went to Popular Book last Sun, found a lots of cookbooks, but no such book at such price!! Hahaha! I am also looking for a nice cookbook for my collection and cooking reference too!

Bigfish said...

Hi Rose's world:
I got it from Popular in Cheras, Leisure Mall. Went to Balakong Jaya Jusco, and the popular there also got leh!