Wednesday, December 5, 2007

BeanCurd, Fried Pork with Salted Sour Vegetables

1. 1 BeanCurd (cubed)
2. 200g Pork, sliced
3. 4 cloves garlic (fine cut)
4. 300g Salted Sour Marinated Vegetables

* Marinate Pork with ½ tbsp Oyster Source, 2 cloves of fine cut garlic and 1/3 tsp of pepper.

1. Fry the Cubed BeanCurd with 3 tbsps of cooking oil until it changed yellowish.
(Drain BeanCurd)
2. Heat sufficient oil and fry the fine cut garlic until it change yellowish.
3. Fry the Marinated Pork together with the Salted Sour Vege for at least 10 minutes.
4. Add in the BeanCurd with the Marinate Pork for 5 more minutes.

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