Monday, December 17, 2007

Steam Chicken with Shao Hsing Wine

~the before

1. Whole piece of Chicken Tight (chop into small pcs)
2. Ginger (Cut into slices)
3. 50g Wolfberries ~ Ji Zi
4. 5 Red dates ~ Hung Zau
5. 1 Chinese Mushroom
6. 1 stalk Chinese Celery

7. 1 cut Bird Eye Chili ***

*Marinate the Chicken pcs with 1 tbsp of Shou Hsing Wine, 1 tbsp of Oyster sauce, 1 tsp of sesame oil, ½ tsp of corn flour. (at least 20min)

Steam at least 20 min.

Sprinkle chopped Chinese Celery on top and SERVE!!!

It is so successful!
~the after
This is the first tried of Steam Chicken I did after I went to a Food Court. Panda and I had the “Sufficient Stock LALA” for supper. Found out they cook the LALA with Shao Hsing Wine and wolfberries, it really taste good! Errrrm… I decided to modified from there and create it in my own cooking way for my Chicken tonight.


Big Boys Oven said...

oh this dish look so awesome, m mummy always cook this at home for us.... so yummy that I eat to bowl of rice!

Sue Sue said...

Hey I too love this dish a lot. Whenever I steam it I will make sure I add more water cos I love the soup so much. If you want it to be spicy try to add some chilli padi in it. Syiok !

Jackson said...

It's my all time favourite!!

BigFish said...

Hi big boys oven:
Yes man! With only this dish... can really finish a bowl of rice leh!
*think about your mummy's cooking when u see this huh... hehe I'm too young to be your mom. :)
Thanks for dropping by my blog!

Hi sue sue:
Thanks to visit my blog again! Yes, I actually did put a bit of Chili Padi ~ look at the photo (before), forgot to write in on the Ingredients. hehee I like the "SYIOK" very much...

Hi Jackson:
Thanks for dropping by my blog!

Little Corner of Mine said...

So yummy and healthy! I notice you like to steam a lot, that makes it healtier than stir-frying. I should start steaming my food!

BigFish said...

Hi Little Corner of Mine:
U r right! I really like to STEAM, it is more healthy in term of we don use so much oil :). And another reason is... I am some times Lazy, so "lazy ppl will hv lazy way"... hahahaa

Thanks for dropping by my blog again yea ~