Monday, December 17, 2007

Lam Garden @ Sg. Buloh

OUTING for every Sunday

We make a short visit again to Sg. Buloh nursery on Sunday as usual. Over so many years, if no other places to go… Sg. Buloh Nursery and have dinner at Sg. Buloh is one of the MUST DO activities we usually have for EVERY SUNDAY. Cos Panda's parents live there, and we have to go back there to make a short visit.

Here the Nursery ~ Lam Garden Sdn. Bhd. (45 min from K.L City)

For ppl who likes planting or gardening at home, please do make here a visit. The prices here
are all reasonable and Panda’s family is operating the business since about 15 years ago.

The condition of air here is fresher than the city life. If u come here before the Chinese New Year… You will see all the Nurseries are selling the Chinese Lime tree (Kat Zai). If you are ready to have 1 or 2 pots to display Chinese Lime Tree at home, then come to visit Panda’s parents Nursery for Chinese New Year shopping.
** Let me know if you are going (my blog visitors), I will definitely prepare them to give you all a Good Price!

Feeling like ~ at Cameron Highland ~ (but without the cold weather)

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