Friday, December 21, 2007

Hand Bagss... Looks who CRAZY!

I have been so busy for the pass few days… No time to Blog and even didn’t have time to cook… Oooorrrggghhh!!!

Oh anyway, I’m back here today… I went for my hand bags and accessories shopping again. Ermmm… I am thinking to get something for my mom and relatives as Chinese New Year present.

Oooh… I finally find out there’s too many of my Girls’ friends like hand bag like CRAZY!

To satisfy Girl’s Urge… I have decided to buy more and more... so can share with people around me… hahahhaa~

Here are the Results from shopping!

*A friend asked me why I buy so many and how am I going to use that…
I bet all ladies know how to use with so many different kind of Hand Bags right?!
Is just a matter on how you want yourself to look like everyday…
U want yourself to look Plan all the time? Or Fashionable and Fresh all the time?

Buying from Supplier has to in the MINIMUM QUATITY actually. That is the reason why I buy so many…
The most important thing is… PRICE! If you see people selling Hand Bags outside with the price of RM50 – RM80, then what I can get here is around RM25 – RM35. For those normal designs or simple one, I can even get it with below RM25… hahahhaaa…

The price really make me CRAZY !!!

Now I really can understand my entire Girls’ friends are SAME as me…
I chat with my cousin sister online, and send her the pictures I have with all the hand bags I am having with the EVEN LOW PRICE ~ she send me all the codes and ask me to buy for her and courier it up to Penang!!! Can u believe that??!!!

Oh Well… I’m so willing to do so … it is like so Enjoyable. And she even ask her friend to choose!!!

Demand and Supply
To Sue Sue and all bloggers who likes hand bags~

The friend will give me the latest update and I will normally choose from there. Cos they actually don’t sell in retail. Then will be picking up from him personally. My deal with them is quite flexible, but still there is a Minimum Quantity that I need to follow. People buying from them following by colors, if you have chosen a certain design… then you have to take all the colors they have.
*The offer they gave me is, they allow me to choose any 6 designs. And I’m still getting the prices which they sell in bulks. So my minimum order is 6pcs each time.

There is something I really like, they seldom do repeat order unless your quantity is huge. They change their stocks whenever the current stocks finished. This is why I stick to them, cos I won’t be seeing same old stocks when I wanna to have new hand bags.

They are going to have another batch of new stocks for CNY soon by January. Pls let me know if you are interested. I will post all the pictures here!


Big Boys Oven said...

Gosh! If I can carry them I will be like you, buy all of them

Sue Sue said...

Thanks for the details perhaps you can add me in MSN. My add is

Where do they get the stocks and where they supply to?

BigFish said...

Hi big bogs oven, why can't?! I even send courier to my cousin sister leh~

Hi Sue Sue, added you in my MSN List! The Stocks I got it from my friend directly cos they don sell in retail. They normally supply to boutique and shopping centre leh.

Honey Star said... keep me posted too! :)

BigFish said...

Hi honey star,
You interested too eh ~ hehehee
guess u guys know why i cannot control myself ler ...

chris said...

Thanks for sharing together with me all d nice bag,i love it so much.

bigfish_chin said...

There will b more coming up soon!!!

chumpman said...

Wow, really good bargain and the bags are pretty nice too. To have 1 or 2 pcs. branded for special occassion is fine but I also prefer trendy and cheap.

Please show more, I'm very much interested. Thanks a lot !