Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Hand Bags Shopping ~ pay less for MORE ITMES!

Hand bags… hand bags…

I believe almost all Girls and Ladies will never have limits on HAND BAGS spending.
Once can have all kind of new hand bags to suite our fashion style… that’s they best part in our life!

The question is… I’m not the type of person who only likes branded, then most of the time I will like to have Non Branded but ‘up to the trend’ fashion. My urge on hand bags is the most horrible part to my Panda, my hand bags collection is now hanging on the wall, occupied 1/3 of our Study Room. Different colors, different designs, different pattern and style… I just love them so much although those are not branded, but I am so satisfy when every time I wanted to match my dressing.

There are some ladies that do not have any limits on the Accessories Spending. Although I’m always crazy on having new hand bags, but I do concern the price when I shop for it.
I want them TRENDY and CHEAP… most important is, NOT HARM to the public eyes… haha!

My Quote is: Why should I spend few thousand for a Branded if I can have tons of different design and trendy but Non Branded with spending less?!

Come to choose the cheap and nice hand bags! As usual… ladies always look for Sales Season. Now I have another better choice where I can have my Trendy hand bags with spending even lesser than the Sales Season.

I have a chance to meet with Hand Bag Supplier who introduced by a friend, and the prices they given to me is just so much NICER compare to even the Sales Season!!!
But the only thing is… I have to buy at least ½ dozen or 1 dozen each time lar…

Here are the Hand Bags I got for this week shopping ~


beside these trendy ... make a visit to
I like their designs too!


Sue Sue said...

You bought this online or what? I am interested leh? Where is their shop?

Rose's World said...

Hi Bigfish! I have to agree with u! I am also not a brand goer, so i dont buy those branded stuff and pay their price just to feel good or showing off! As long as i like the design and it looks good on me, i will buy them! I am going for bargain, not brand! hehehe!

BigFish said...

Hi Sue Sue:
Those bags i bought from friend who is actually a Supplyer! Good Deal and Good Design leh... U really interested?

Hi rose's world:
Yes yes yes!! BARGAIN... I got more to show u all here leh! Give me some time, I gotta take down photos for the Shopping Results!