Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Lamp Chop ~ X'mas Eve Dinner

We normally got out for Good Dinner for the pass few Christmas Eve we had.
Christmas Eve 2007 ~ We decided not going out for this Christmas Eve’s Dinner!
We Decided to have our 2007 Christmas Eve Dinner at home with BigFish Cook Book ~ yahoooo!!!

Went to
Tesco and start preparing... Here it is ~

1. Marinated Black Pepper Lamp Chop ~ from Tesco
2. Black Pepper mix powder (Maggie)
3. 1 Tomato (slices)
4. 1 carrot (cubed)
5. 3 Sweet Peas
6. 1 Potato (cubed)
7. 1 Red Onion (sliced)
8. 1 stalk Celery (take the leafs)
9. 3 BBQ Cheese big Sausages

1. Boil a pot of water. Add 1 tsp salt and 1 tsp butter. Blanch ingredients (3,4,5) until soft.
2. Drain and arrange on a plate.
3. Heat sufficient oil and fry Cheese Sausages until it turn brownish.
4. Pour 1 tbsp oil and fry the Marinated Black Pepper Lamp Chop until 80% cooked with medium heat. Arrange on a plate.
5. Mix the Black Pepper Powder with water (400ml), add 1 tsp Sour Plum Sauce – mix well.
6. Heat up wok with sufficient oil with medium heat. Pour in and sauté until fragrant.
* Pour the sauce over the Lamp Chop and Red Onion ~ Garnish with Sliced Red Chili ~

We ready a bottle of Red Wine and our little small Christmas Tree on the dinning table.


Jackson said...

so cool to cook yr own Christmas dinner!!

Celine said...

Must be a peaceful X'mas eve dinner...

beachlover said...

Hmmm..you so rajin cook yourself..Look good ,ada style la.with red wine too..where is my seating??..You also call that sausage!!..I called it sausage but my hubby said sausage is a shorter version one la and cook as breakfast!!.The long one called as HOTDOG!!..aiyo...I argue with him at the time.Here if I called that sausage,they will serve me breakfast sausage!!.lol!!

BigFish said...

Hi Jackson and celine, thanks for visiting my blog! Is my first time to try on Lamp Chop... But it turned out quite OK. Went to church happily after the dinner!

Hi beachlover, really thanks for your support!
My Eve's Dinner got style right?! haha...
I called that Hot Dog one, but the packing written there Sausage leh~
Must tell your hubby Sausage some times not count by the length leh... ;p

Sue Sue said...

Wah looks like very romantic dinner leh.

BigFish said...

Hi sue sue, thnx to drop by here my blog again.
The dinner was Romantic ~ 3 persons (included my brother). That was my 1st Lamp Chop done since i started back my cooking!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your great effort, i really like the hot dog/sausage and lamp chop (it's better than KAKI corner)~~~very delicious and peaceful x'mas eve! :*


chris said...

It's look so great n u r so attentive to prepare 4 yr x'mas eve dinner,so romantic.someone must be so happy lo.

Big Boys Oven said...

who are those two lucky ones?

bigfish_chin said...

Hi Big Boys Oven,
thanks for visiting my blog!
the 2 lucky one is my Panda and my brother...
Happy New Year ~

bigfish_chin said...

I'm better than KaKi Corner eh?!
Guess Kaki Corner gonna close down soon eh~ haha

Thanks for so supportive~
My 'cooking mode' came back since October, cannot control myself...
hopefully i can do more and more for my own COOK BOOK ~