Thursday, December 27, 2007

Winter Melon Soup

1. Spare Ribs (4 pcs)
2. Carrot (cubed)
3. 50g Wolfberries ~ Ji Zi
4. 6 Red dates ~ Hung Zau
5. 4 Chinese Mushrooms
6. 1 Dried Squid
7. 1 small Winter Melon (cubed)

1. Clean Spare Ribs, cut into cubes. Blanch in boiling water, rinse to remove scum.
2. Rinse Wolfberries, Red dates, Chinese Mushrooms, and squid.
3. Cut Carrot and Winter Melon into cubes.
4. Simmer all ingredients with 2ltr water with electrical slow cooker.
5. Add sufficient salt.
*With low heat- for over night at least 6 hours.
*With High heat – for 4 hrs.

~ DISH UP and SERVE!!!


Food Lover said...

Winter Melon soup's my favourite! :)

bigfish_chin said...

Hi foor lover,
Thnx for dropping by my blog...
I like soup! Got new soup posting... coming soon ~